MADISON — Kids taking part in a summer camp program were transported to the hospital for breathing and other issues after being overexposed to chlorine at a Drew University pool, according to officials.

A hazmat crew and several first-aid squads were part of the response team Monday afternoon. A 911 call reporting the incident occurred at 12:21 PM.

According to an update from the Morris County Office of Emergency Management, the juveniles were experiencing medical issues "as a result of being exposed to a higher than normal concentration of liquid chlorine."

At 6:50 PM on Monday, Morristown Medical Center informed us that 12 pediatric patients — all of the patients connected to the incident — had been treated and released.

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According to officials, initial reports from law enforcement indicated that some of the juveniles were suffering from shortness of breath, difficulty speaking between breaths, nausea and general airway issues.

The incident occurred in the Simon Forum's Pool. Initial tests detected normal levels of chlorine and that all systems were working as expected, according to the university.

Out of an abundance of caution, according to the university, several campers were taken to the hospital for evaluation. Their parents and guardians were notified.

Follow-up tests again showed no heightened levels of chlorine, the university said.

The kids were involved in a soccer program that handles youth aged 10 to 17.

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