We have confirmed that multiple outlet food stores are closing in New Jersey.

We have confirmed one specific store that has closed on very short notice at 1488 Blackwood Clementon Road in Clementon, located at the Cherrywood Plaza.

Specifically, this is the popular food chain Entennmann's Bakery Outlet.

Additional Entennmann’s Bakery Outlets previously closed in Carlstadt, Wayne, and Edison, New Jersey.

New Jersey and America had been watching major, long-time stores close forever over the past several years.

It’s a byproduct of many factors. The COVID-19 pandemic … inflation … changing market conditions and other well documented factors.

We’ve all witnessed businesses close that had been able to make it for 50-100 years and beyond.

No reason for these various New Jersey closures has been provided by Entennmann’s at this time.

Entennmann’s was founded in 1898, by William Entenmann, who opened his first bakery in Brooklyn, New York. They now offer more than 100 different baked goods products.

Directly below, is a photo gallery … with descriptive narratives about many beloved New Jersey stores that people loved for generations that are now closed forever.

So many great memories were because of these various department stores, restaurants and the many other businesses that have since closed.

However, the memories that you created as a child, into adulthood will never leave you.

The bricks and mortar May fade away … however, the fond memories and experiences will last a lifetime.

Enjoy the photo gallery below. I promise that fond memories will come rushing back to you and yours.

This story (Entennmann’s New Jersey closings) was first reported by Kristen Walters, who is an independent writer.

SOURCE: Clementon, New Jersey Resident and Kristen Walker.

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