Monday was certainly another cold and blustery November day across the Garden State!

Statewide high temperatures ranged between 35 and 46 degrees. Regular wind gusts just over 40 mph kept wind chill, or "feels like" temperatures in the 20s all day.

We'll see slow improvements to our weather over the next couple of days. Tuesday will be slightly warmer than Monday, with forecast highs in the mid 40s for all but far northern NJ. Winds will be somewhat lighter too, "only" gusting to 30 mph. Certainly still blustery, and still way below normal for late November.

On Wednesday, thermometers will make a run for 50 degrees, with considerably lighter winds.

Then, our attention turns to a storm system that will impact New Jersey sometime between Wednesday evening and Thursday. That's really terrible timing, since the impacts will coincide with prime Thanksgiving holiday travel time.

Models still show a variety of options for our weather forecast. Showers (rain and/or snow) could begin as early as 7 p.m. Wednesday, and potentially lasting through all of Thanksgiving Day. However, such a forecast is highly dependent on the exact track, timing, and temperatures.

At best, travel conditions will be wet for part of Wednesday evening and Thursday. At worst, roads will be somewhat icy and slippery and visibility will be reduced during periods of snowfall snowfall, especially north of Route 80 which could see some sleet and freezing rain as the precipitation starts.

However, let's be clear — this storm system does NOT present a major winter weather threat for New Jersey.

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