The pro-Palestinian sit-in at Princeton University was brought to an end by its organizers Wednesday on its 21st day without any of its demands having been met.

The Princeton Gaza Solidarity Encampment protesters said that President Christopher Eisgruber never held "meaningful negotiations" about their demand,s which included divestment from Israel.

The university's Community Resources Committee met Tuesday to discuss the demands but no agreement came from the meeting, according to the protesters.

"We reject the university’s attempts to deradicalize and divide us through endless processes, meetings, and committees. Our demands remain the same — with or without an encampment. Our movement is not tied to any one place, but to the community of organizers who have been fighting apartheid and calling for divestment for over fifty years. The student intifada is here, and it is here to stay," organizers said in a statement.

They accused the school of surveilling and threatening them during the sit-in, which started off as an encampment. As a result, they had to endure cold, heat and rain without shelter.

"Public Safety and university administration harassed us at every turn as we cared for the health and safety of our hunger strikers. They cited opaque 'structure' codes to prevent hunger strikers from sheltering during pouring rain, while the university falsely claimed to monitor their health," the protesters said in a statement.

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Demands of encampment at Princeton University encampment
Demands of encampment at Princeton University encampment (@princetondivestnow via Instagram)

Request to clear the sit-in

Eisgruber, in an email to the university community on Monday, requested that demonstrators clear the camp to allow for Class Day preparations. Video and pictures show public safety show university public safety officials Tuesday morning telling protesters they need to “see some decamping" although no deadline was given in Eisgruber's email.

The school also posted signs around Cannon Green that the area is closed.

Princeton University on Wednesday afternoon did not respond to New Jersey 101.5's request for comment.

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