The Atlantic County, New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office has achieved a guilty plea from Elijah Harris, 24, of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The specific charge is:

  • second-degree unlawtul possession of a handgun while engaged in drug distribution conduct.

The state has agreed to a term of five years to be served in New Jersey State Prison.

Because it is a Graces Act offense, Harris must serve a minimum of 42 months in prison.

The ACPO also confirmed that this is Harris’ first indictable offense conviction.

Elijah Harris - Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office photo.
Elijah Harris - Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office photo.

Harris was arrested on May 27, 2022 on Florida Avenue in Atlantic City. During his guilty plea, Harris confirmed that he was carrying a handgun in his backpack. He also possessed “drugs with the intent to distribute them,” according to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Additionally, Xavier Martin, who was Harris’ co-defendant, was arrested during this same investigation.

Martin was previously sentenced to state prison earlier this year because of separate gun charge.

According to Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds, “The case was investigated by the Atlantic City Police Department Vice Unit and prosecuted by the Gangs, Guns, and Narcotics Unit of the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office.”

Harris will be sentenced on September 11, 2023 before the Honorable Donna M. Taylor, J.S.C.

The ACPO has confirmed that Harris will remain in the Atlantic County Justice Facility pending his sentencing.

SOURCE: Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

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