First, the good news, followed by the potential “bad” news.

Congratulations to the organizers of the Atlantic City Truck Meet, held this past Saturday and Sunday at Bader Field in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

It is a great event, that was established in July, 2020.

The Atlantic City Truck Meet is an outstanding, high energy … special event, that brings with it … great business to the casinos and local restaurants.

Bader Field is the perfect location to stage this event, with ample parking and the open space required to hold the large scale Atlantic City Truck Meet.

It is my hope that the Atlantic City Truck Meet will return to Atlantic City for years to come.

Now, we need to address the Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small parking - responsibility accounting system.

For the recent past Atlantic City Truck Meet and for many other previous events held at Bader Field … the Marty Small administration appears to directly handle the parking.

For reasons known only by Team Small, the only method of payment for parking at Bader Field during designated events at Bader Field … is to pay by cash.

In our digital era, convenient, hand-held digital devices would make it so easy to swipe credit cards and debit cards.

This method saves time at the point of sale … and, it would also provide a responsible and transparent digital “paper trail.”

There have been many rumors over the years about this City of Atlantic City “cash only business” parking system at Bader Field events.

I have not and will not trade in rumors here. That wouldn’t be fair.

However, I do think it’s fair to ask for the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office to take a look at this practice.

This past weekend, parking at Bader Field for the Atlantic City Truck Meet was $ 20.00 per-car.

The only question I have about Marty Small’s policy regarding parking at Bader Field is … why do you only accept cash?

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