PATERSON — An unidentified person is in the hospital after a police-involved shooting that is now under investigation, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office.

County prosecutor Camelia Valdes said Paterson officers were making an arrest early Saturday morning near Garrison Street. The suspect was being taken in for illegally having a firearm, Valdes said.

Then at 3:20 AM, gunshots rang out nearby. At least one of the cops went to the sound of the shots to investigate, according to Valdes.

"Upon responding to the location of the gunshots, a Paterson Officer encountered an individual," the prosecutor's office said. "During the course of that encounter, the Paterson Officer discharged his service-issued firearm, striking the individual."

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Valdes confirmed that the person shot was taken to Saint Joseph’s Hospital. Officials did not give any details regarding the identity of the individual or the extent of his or her injuries.

The state Attorney General's Office requires that any use of deadly force by a New Jersey police officer must be investigated by an independent prosecutor. The PCPO has been named to fill that role, according to Valdes.

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