NORTH WILDWOOD — A detective with the Attorney General's Office tasked with holding other police officers throughout the state accountable was arrested for trying repeatedly to get back into a bar, according to reports.

Det. Sgt. Danielle Oliveira works for the AGO's Office of Public Integrity and Accountability. According to its website, the OPIA has the mission of investigating "violations of public trust" and creating policies to "rebuild faith in both government and our criminal justice system."

Oliveira was arrested at North Wildwood's Irish Fall Festival on Sept. 24, BreakingAC first reported. Police body camera footage published by the outlet, cops can be heard saying that Oliveira had been "thrown out" of Keenan's Irish Pub.

"She was advised multiple times not to go in," one male officer said, adding that Oliveira "kept causing a scene."

Danielle Oliveira in North Wildwood police custody on 9/24/2022. (BreakingAC)
Danielle Oliveira in North Wildwood police custody on 9/24/2022. (BreakingAC)

According to reports, Oliveira was arguing with staff at the bar, who told her that she wasn't allowed in, when a patrol officer walked by. After speaking with staff, the cop told her to leave and not come back or she would be arrested.

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The detective then tried returning to the bar 10 minutes later through the exit. Oliveira was charged with defiant trespass and taken into custody.

While in custody, police took off a bag that was strapped over Oliveira's shoulder.

"Don't touch that bag," Oliveira said. "That's a f--king four grand bag."

Lt. Cortney Lawrence, who reportedly works in the same office as Oliveira and was at the same bar, told police that Oliveira left the bar to take a phone call related to a police-involved shooting in North Jersey.

Lawrence, who later signed for Oliveira's release, said that she was confused when she tried to bring her friend back into the bar and was told Oliveira wasn't allowed back in.

Cortney Lawrence speaks to North Wildwood police after the arrest of Danielle Oliveira on 9/24/2022. (BreakingAC)
Cortney Lawrence speaks to North Wildwood police after the arrest of Danielle Oliveira on 9/24/2022. (BreakingAC)

"I had no idea anything was happening," Lawrence told another North Wildwood cop. "Not asking for a favor, just trying to figure out what's going on."

A source reportedly told BreakingAC that Oliveira's job has not been affected by the arrest.

“The Office of Public Integrity and Accountability is aware of this incident,” spokesman Dan Prochilo told BreakingAC. “It is the subject of an ongoing review and no further information will be released at this time.”

The Townsquare News Network reached out to the AGO and an attorney representing Oliveira seeking comment.

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