Jersey Shore seagulls have been put on notice: the hawks, falcons, and owls are coming back to keep your French fries safe.

According to the Cape May County Herald, Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian announced the return of the raptors at his state of the city address.

The birds were given a trial run last August and proved successful in chasing the gulls away from the boardwalk; the cost was a reported $2100 a day.

The birds of prey are provided by East Coast Falcons in Lodi; their website says that they provide “Falconry-Based Bird Abatement Services.”

If you’re a wildlife lover, don’t worry, the raptors don’t actually eat the gulls, they just drive them out to sea, far away from New Jersey families who are just trying to enjoy a day at the Shore.

The exact return date of the birds has not been announced.

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