There is a local media outlet, (a radio station, with no direct involvement with the Atlantic City Airshow), which decided to jump ahead of the story and reported that the Atlantic City Airshow 2024 will likely be cancelled.

The Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce and banner presenting sponsor Visit Atlantic City will be the sources that will officially make any public statement regarding whether there will or will not be an Atlantic City Airshow 2024.

WPG Talk Radio 95,5 is the official radio home of the Atlantic City Airshow, “Thunder Over the Boardwalk.”

If news of a cancellation, postponement, or, any other change had officially taken place … we would have been the first media source to announce and publish the news.

The proper and professional thing to do was to wait for the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce and Visit Atlantic City to explore all options available before making a premature and confusing announcement for them.

As I write this, there is still no official word from the responsible parties regarding any change(s) regarding the 2024 Atlantic City Airshow.

In earlier reporting, we shared that both The USAF Air Demonstration Squadron “Thunderbirds" and The Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron of the United States Navy are no longer available for a mid-week airshow.

Despite this, Michael Chait and his team have worked very hard to put a world-class show together, featuring diverse military and civilian apparatus.

Back on December 18, 2023, we wrote a very comprehensive article about what was in and out.

Here is a link to our coverage:

Read More: First Report: What’s In & What’s Out, Atlantic City Air Show 2024

We have known all about the current rumors.

We have taken the position that we would not report rumors … in favor of actually waiting for the final decision to be made.

When that decision is official … we will report the news at that time.

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