Local Atlantic City Activist John Exadaktilos reported on Monday, March 11, 2024 that he has learned that Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small wants to become legalized recreational marijuana in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Presently, the boundaries are basically the Atlantic City casino district … from Albany Avenue through the north section of the city.

Legalized recreational marijuana is already within 1 block of the Stockton University campus.

Enough is enough.

There are already plenty of existing buildings within the already approved area for this dangerous purpose.

I say that it is dangerous because everywhere that marijuana has been approved for recreational use … it has fallen short in every way:

  • The actual revenue generated is never what the lofty forecasts projected.
  • Productivity measurably decreases.
  • School dropout rates increase.
  • Crime increases.

In a recent on-air interview with Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt … Tibbitt expressed his concerns that the cost of doing the marijuana business versus the revenue generated … along with the associated societal ills … it’s not worth it.

It’s also important note that although state’s have approved its legal use … marijuana remains illegal at the federal level.

The federal government has simply taken the position to look the other way and they have not criminally charged anyone involved.

This could change at any time without warning.

Also, if you ever want to apply for a federal job, the use of marijuana could negatively impact your eligibility to be hired … or, to hold certain level security clearance.

The priorities of Marty Small continue to be suspect … as he promotes the hiring of ex-offenders, create a rogue reentry depart and a lack of focus on proper police protection.

Exadaktilos is the owner of The Ducktown Tavern & Liquors and a vocal critic of Small.

Exadaktilos has defeated Small 5 consecutive times in cases brought about either directly or indirectly by Small.

This has earned Exadaktilos the nickname 5 & 0 Johnny.

SOURCE: John Exadaktilos.

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