Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds and Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler are both very committed to providing social services to the underserved communities in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

It is a noble and much-needed cause.

I have been floating an idea over the past few months that I think could help to form a perfect working partnership.

Scheffler is presently in a tough election with Joe O’Donoghue for Atlantic County Sheriff.

My observation is that Scheffler is a good man, but, not a good law man.

Scheffler has done a consistently poor job with the core police functions of the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department.

However, Scheffler has done a good job with social services work, through Hope One Atlantic County and other partners, including Reynolds.

Should Scheffler lose to O’Donoghue in the fast-approaching Tuesday, November 7, 2023 General Election and appears that he may; I strongly recommend that Reynolds hire Scheffler within the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office staff.

Reynolds and the County of Atlantic would be well served by bringing Scheffler and the Hope One Atlantic County organization and formally join forces together.

Reynolds and Scheffler have been working cooperatively well for quite a while now.

They are both very committed to providing social services, i.e., prayer bags (including: socks, clothes, food, water); along with access to needed medical and mental health services and more.

It is only natural that given the opportunity, Reynolds and Scheffler should formally partner together and work under the same roof together.

NOTE: The featured photo above is a Hope One Atlantic County photo during “International Cat Day,” when Hope One wrote:

“International Cat Day! & Today we celebrate our feline friends and all the joy they bring into our lives Sheriff Eric Scheffler knows how important pets are for many families in our community. Our furry companions provide unconditional love, emotional support, and endless cuddles. So on this special day, give your cats some extra treats and belly rubs! To all the cat lovers out there - enjoy this day dedicated to our meowtastic furballs!”

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