There is a fun twist to this story.

Not long ago, I learned about a small town with a population of 37 people.

Welcome to Atlantic City.

That’s Atlantic City, Wyoming. Not, Atlantic City, New Jersey, (full time population of 38,000) where more than 28 million people visit every year.

Visit USA Parks at Atlantic City, Wyoming describes their small, western town this way:

“Atlantic City in Wind River Country, Wyoming is truly one of a kind.”

“This tiny, western community has roots in gold mining days, and its modern town maintains that genuine mountain character.”

“Stop into the Mercantile for a tasty beverage, or have a stuffed burger at the Grub Steak!”

The famous actor Robert Redford said:

In The Outlaw Trail: A Journey Through Time, "There is only one hub of activity in Atlantic City. It is the Mercantile, a combination bar and general store where one can get any supplies needed to survive or thrive,” said Redford.

The total area of Atlantic City, Wyoming consists of 7.8 square miles.

Visit USA Parks at Atlantic City, Wyoming via Facebook.
Visit USA Parks at Atlantic City, Wyoming via Facebook.

According to Wikipedia:

“Atlantic City Mercantile (pictured directly above) is a former store now used as a bar and restaurant in Atlantic City, Wyoming. It is one of the chief buildings in the small mining town in the South Pass area of Wyoming, and is a significant example of a late 19th-century commercial building on what had recently been the frontier.”

The sister cities of Atlantic City, Wyoming and New Jersey are well aware of each other.

Back on November 22, 2017, The Atlantic City Historical Society, Wyoming wrote the following on their Facebook Page:

Via Facebook.
Via Facebook.

Below is a photo of the Atlantic City, Wyoming Historical Society.

Via Facebook.
Via Facebook.

In England, there is a town called Ventnor. These two (England and New Jersey) sister cities have had reciprocal visits.

Now you know that there are two Atlantic City’s … Wyoming and New Jersey.

SOURCES: Atlantic City Historical Society - Wyoming, Visit USA Parks at Atlantic City, Wyoming & Wikipedia.

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