We have received a communication from Roger Stone, who is due to appear before the United States House of Representatives “January 6th” select committee.

Stone is under Congressional subpoena to appear this morning. Here is how Stone has decided to handle today’s appearance.

“Considering that I was not present on the Ellipse, did not march to the Capitol and was not at the Capitol and know nothing whatsoever about the illegal events that day  it is obvious that this is just another transparent attempt by Trump hating lunatic Adam Schiff to frame me in some transparent process crime by twisting my words and leaking a distorted version of whatever I might say under oath,” said Stone.

Been there. Done that. I will invoke my 5th Amendment right not to answer their loaded questions- not because I have done anything wrong- but because I recognize the whole thing as an elaborate trap.

Roger J. Stone

“Less than a week ago a "comedian" on Saturday Night Live joked that my 74 year old wife, who is successfully battling stage 4 cancer, should be gang raped by the Committee members because I refuse to co-operate with their latest witch-hunt. Not a single member of the committee has denounced this vile attack on my wife who is a mother and grandmother!” said Stone.

Here is Nydia Stone’s Tweet about the treatment she allegedly received from Saturday Night Live.

Nydia Stone photo
Nydia Stone photo

Roger Stone was a property owner in Margate, New Jersey for many years.

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Stone was a successful general election campaign strategist for former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean, during his upset victory over future governor Jim Florio. Florio had been a United States Congressman and a prohibitive favorite to win this election.

Stone has also worked on the campaigns of United States Presidents:

Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

Stone has also worked on many local county and state campaigns and Atlantic and Cape May County’s over the past 35 years.

The January 6th Committee has already found Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows (former President Trump Chief of Staff) in contempt of Congress.

A federal grand jury has indicted Bannon and Congress has referred Meadows for criminal prosecution.

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