Yesterday, rumors swirled on social media that bodies  were found buried behind the Atlantic County, New Jersey Nursing home, formally known as Meadowview.

The rumors were persistent and appeared to include a great deal of specificity.

Official Atlantic County government sources have confirmed to us that the rumors are not true.

The rumor that gained the most traction was posted in a Northfield social media page and it read:

“So this company was hired by the Camden Archdiocese to check the grounds of the Atlantic County Burial grounds on Dolphin Ave for bodies, they checked behind the nursing home and guess what they found Bodies!! Lots of bodies.”

Atlantic County sources have confirmed the following to us:

“Magnetic resonance was conducted in the area where we are proposed to build and nothing was found. The next step will be ground penetrating radar. Nothing is planned for burial ground area,” said Linda Gilmore, Public Information Officer for Atlantic County government.

In the interest of the public, Gilmore made herself available to us late in the evening on Friday, April 14, 2023 … so that we could provide important information to the public, as these rumors were becoming widespread.

Additionally, The County of Atlantic advised that there is “no confirmation of any activity by the Camden Archdiocese as some were posting on social media.”

“No one has provided any report or findings to the county at this time which is why we are not able to confirm these alleged comments made by workers to a member of the public,” said Gilmore.

Further, “if there is any confirmation of buried bodies where construction is proposed, it would not occur,” said Gilmore.

We will update this report should we receive any additional information from The County of Atlantic.

UPDATE: We have been contacted by persons, who have shared the following:

“Hello Harry - I just wanted to let you know that Joan Brennan has picture of company and spoke with employees who scanned for bodies on the property surrounding nursing home at meadow view in Northfield.

Maybe you should speak to her.

Also the Archdiocese of Camden hired the company that did the work. That is what the company workers told Joan.

That is what we know so far. The bottom line is the two workers who scanned the area found bodies where the county thought their were none.

This is history as well as fact. I know you appreciate both. That is why l'm a fan and a listener of you.”

I have not been able to confirm these assertions. We are continuing to investigate and this article will be updated with any pertinent developments.

SOURCE: Atlantic County Government, Linda Gilmore, Public Information Officer.

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