If you've ever found yourself in Sea Isle City, rushing back to your car to add more money and time to the parking kiosk, you're about to be freed from that inconvenience.

Sea Isle plans to eliminate the parking kiosks and move to a more convenient method of paying for parking, according to seaislenews.com.

Visitors will now be encouraged to use the ParkMobile app, which will allow you to select and update how much time you need to stay in a parking spot right from your mobile device. You just park, pay, and go.

The app is already being used in other shore towns, like Stone Harbor. Sea Isle played around with having it available there last year, and it apparently worked out well.

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So, when you find yourself on the beach with your allotted parking time set to expire, you can just add more right from your phone.

Sea Isle City Police Captain Anthony Garreffi tells seaislenews.com

The kiosks are not coming back this year. It’s all going to be online. Basically, it’s cashless.

Garreffi assures beachgoers they won't be left hanging if there's a problem, saying, “Most people nowadays have smartphones, but if they don’t, they can call and talk to an operator."

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