Somers Point, New Jersey is the oldest settlement in Atlantic County and was incorporated as a city 120 years ago in 1902.

It's famous for its Bay Front Historic District and its operating slogan, “The Shore Starts Here.”

In many ways, they have succeeded in making a bay front community, the equivalent of a beach front community.

That’s creative and hard earned.

Somers Point Beach physically exists and is the home of great concerts, special events and a wonderful recreation environment off of Bay Avenue.

In electoral politics, usually a candidate’s first win is their high water mark.

It’s typically the point of diminishing return from there in successive elections that follow.

There’s an old expression that you accumulate political enemies as time goes on. It’s a byproduct of having to make tough decisions over the years.

Somers Point City Councilman Sean McGuigan has been elected in the last five consecutive elections over the past 15 years.

McGuigan has made it official, he will be seeking an unprecedented 6th term for his 1st Ward Council seat in the upcoming November 8, 2022 General Election.

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Today’s Primary Election Day is of no consequence as McGuigan will win the Republican Nomination by acclamation.

I have covered McGuigan for his entire electoral career. He is different than most all of the rest.

First, you cannot be more accessible then McGuigan has made himself to the public. He gives out his personal cell phone number with great regularity.

Here’s the proof that this is a fact and not hyperbole.

Sean McGuigan photo.
Sean McGuigan photo.

McGuigan also never disappears during challenging times. He always makes himself available to comment to the public.

"I am excited to announce my candidacy for a sixth 3-year term on the City Council in the great community of Somers Point. I hope to continue utilizing my educational and professional qualifications while executing the duties of a member of the Council," said McGuigan.

McGuigan has lived in Somers Point since 1989. One year later, he married his wife Teresa. The McGuigan’s have three adult children, Riley, (29), Colin, (27), and Erin, (26).

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