It will no longer be a “secret pizza” and it really never was.

That is a nickname that “Squares & Fare” Pizzeria earned when it came of age out of the home kitchen of  Dominic Russo of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

It was a unique business model and concept. Each week, a limited number of reservations were made available and you had to win a weekly lottery in order to obtain the opportunity to have one of Dom’s pizzas.

The supply and demand math was daunting. It was next to impossible to win the weekly pizza lottery.

The only way to win the coveted lottery was to follow the “Squares and Fare” Facebook and Instagram social media pages and enter to win.

Dom succeeded in creating significant area buzz and people were lining-up to try and win a ”Squares and Fare” pizza pie each week.

I have had the opportunity to previously experience both the “Traditional” and “Vodka” versions (see below). These are the actual two pizzas that we enjoyed.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

The flavor and texture of the “Squares and Fare” pizza is truly outstanding.

When I first had it on April 12, 2023 … I described it as “one of my two favorite pizzas of my lifetime.” I shared these two pizzas with many other family members at the time.

Dom has now grown out of his home kitchen and he will be opening a free standing, “Squares and Fare” Pizzeria restaurant in Somers Point, New Jersey.

I had a wide-ranging interview with Dom this past Friday, October 20, 2023.

I can now share some specifics that have not been revealed until now.

Dominic has secured talented local design and construction teams and has obtained the actual property where “Squares and Fare” will operate.

Dominic chose Somers Point, which is a very business-friendly community to operate. Somers Point has an appreciation for local businesses and they work very well with business owners.

It’s a great town to do business.

The new ”Squares and Fare” store will be located at 7 East New Jersey Avenue … very near the iconic Charlie’s Restaurant and Bar.

Dominic has achieved a great, centralized location to operate.

“Squares and Fare” will be located at the site of the former Somers Point Beach Laundromat (see below).

Google Maps.
Google Maps.

Dominic is very detail oriented. He has been proceeding in a very methodical way.

We also had a great discussion about his food preparation science and the equipment and temperature that will cook his pizzas.

We talked about his projected opening date. At this time, there is not a firm target opening date. Dominic roughly discussed February, 2024 to open … however, he would like to open prior to that if that’s possible.

During our conversation, Dominic displayed such enthusiasm and excitement about being able to serve his customers at a free-standing “Squares and Fares.”

He discussed being so grateful to the many customers who came to his home to pick-up their pizzas and how much it means to him to be able to serve them (soon) in his new Somers Point location.


We’ll keep you posted as “Squares and Fare” approaches its official grand opening.

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