New Jersey Senator President Steve Sweeney is working on something very important.

Sweeney recognizes that so many restaurants and the casinos were hurt bad when indoor dining was set to return and then Governor Phil Murphy pulled back (because of his concern of COVID-19 spread).

The restaurants had ordered food, beverage and made many other purchases in the run-up to re-opening.

Sweeney is working on legislation to provide them with restitution for their losses.

It’s the absolute right thing to do.

Sweeney said that it’s the state’s responsibility to correct this situation.

“This false start severely affected the food establishments that hired additional staff and spent money on equipment in anticipation of reopening,” he said. “These businesses are among the hardest hurt by the pandemic, and they are at risk of permanently going out of business. This will help reimburse the restaurants, bars and catering businesses that have followed the rules to protect the public’s health but are now paying the price.”

Many restaurants are about to hit the ultimate moment of truth. The tipping point is near. Sweeney is right. Many may never open, again.

Their life’s work is about to go up in smoke.

Hopefully, Sweeney can deliver before it’s too late.

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