TETERBORO — A mother kicked her baby daughter and sent the child careening across the floor after shoplifting from Walmart, according to police.

Jamira McDaniel, 23, of Paterson, was caught stealing at the supercenter in Teterboro by Walmart theft protection personnel on Tuesday, Moonachie Police Lt. Jeff Napolitano confirmed to us.

McDaniel was with her 1-year-old girl and the child's aunt.

After she was taken to the store's security office, McDaniel placed the baby girl on the ground and kicked her in the back, Napolitano said. The toddler was sent across the floor and into the security office.

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According to Napolitano, the incident was caught on security cameras. He said video of the kick was turned over to Bergen County court but was not yet publicly available.

The theft protection workers then picked up the inconsolable child, handed her to McDaniel's sister, and called the police.

Walmart (Google Maps)
Walmart (Google Maps)

Mom lashes out at crying child, cops say

"McDaniel, upset by the girl who was now screaming and crying while being held by her aunt, began punching walls and yelling for the baby to stop crying," Napolitano explained. "McDaniel also grabbed the baby and began to shake her while she was being held by her aunt."

Moonachie cops soon arrived at the store and called an ambulance to evaluate the baby. Fortunately, first responders found the child was uninjured.

The mother is charged with endangering the welfare of a child, assault, shoplifting, and criminal mischief, according to Napolitano.

McDaniel was sent to Bergen County jail, which is where she remains as of Wednesday evening. The aunt was not charged and the child was given to family members.

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