We have an update regarding a major issue that we have been reporting about, relative to federal funding being made available to hospitals around the country because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the first time, I can reveal my source. It’s David Hughes, the Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Development Officer at Shore Medical Center.

Hughes has confirmed to me that certain hospitals from across the country are in the process of self-reporting (to the federal government) that the financial numbers they submitted were not accurate.

Hughes advised that anyone in this category had 10 days to revise their submission to the federal government.

The federal government had previously set an April 12, 2020 deadline date for a hospital having to treat a minimum of 100 COVID-19 patients in order to qualify for funding.

Shore Medical Center and Cape Regional Medical Center have not treated a minimum of 100 COVID-19 patients prior to April 12, 2020.

Had certain symptomatic patients that they had treated beginning in January, 2020 (before testing was available) had been included; Shore and Cape Regional would have met the 100 threshold.

Hitting this 100 number meant multiple 7-plus figures for hospitals both far and wide.

Hughes predicted to me a while ago that he believed that this was the case, that some numbers reported were not accurate.

Hughes has an extensive background in compliance and regulatory matters, with companies around the country.

Hughes confirmed to me that he reported his own findings to the United States Health and Human Services Department.

Hughes did not report to HHS about any hospitals by individual name. He reported his research that he was able to determine that some numbers which had been reported were not accurate.

“This is now a national issue,” said Hughes. “Shore Medical Center and Cape Regional Medical Center did the right thing,” said Hughes.

This still needs to play out. It remains to be seen what the ultimate remedy will be. Will some lose what they thought they would be receiving?

Will still others who did not meet this arbitrary April 12, 2020 rule; will they now be deemed to qualify?

Stay tuned. We’ll be keeping you apprised with any new developments.


SOURCE: David Hughes, Senior Vice President, Shore Medical Center.

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