JACKSON — The fourth nor'easter of the season has delayed the unofficial start of summer for Six Flags Great Adventure.

The park, originally scheduled to open its gates for the 2018 season on Saturday, postponed its opening until Friday, March 30 — when it will kick off its spring break activities and be open daily through April 8.

In a post on its Facebook page, the park wrote that despite the best effort of its crews to prepare the 510 acre park, "Jack Frost has put a wrench in our plans!"

On a more serious note, Park spokeswoman Kristin Fitzgerald said, "we were very fortunate. We retained power and sustained no damage from the storm. Approximately a foot of snow fell in the park, so we have a cleanup effort underway to prepare for Spring Break’s kick off March 30."

The park was used during the week as a staging area for JCP&L in anticipation of power outages caused by the storm.

The park's newest ride, Cyborg Cyber Spin, opens later in the spring. It features a gondola that spins around three separate axes while rotating forward, backward and sideways simultaneously at 70 feet in the air.

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