Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid has been suspended two games for his role in the fight with Timberwolves center Karl Anthony Towns and "continued escalation following the incident" from Wednesday's game, according to a report from The Athletic.

The 'continued escalation' is likely Embiid's social media smack-talk, which was filled with some choice words for Towns.

"That tough guy act ain't cutting it," Embiid tweeted. "You know what you are.. you know what you've always been>>> A P**** (SAY IT LOUDER FOR PEOPLE IN THE BACK) Been kicking your ass and pretty please make the playoffs before you talk. It's a known thing that I OWN YOU. @KarlTowns"

Embiid will miss games on Saturday and Monday, while returning Wednesday in Utah.

Towns was also suspended for two games.

Sixers point guard Ben Simmons will not be suspended or fined for his role in the fight, and was instead viewed as a 'peacemaker' attempting to break up the scuffle per NBA Crew Chief Mark Ayotte.

The two teams do not face each other again until March 24 when the Sixers head to Minnesota.

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