NEW BRUNSWICK — The city has released recordings of at least a dozen 911 calls placed during the frantic aftermath of the September 13 shooting which left two men dead and seven others wounded.

At least two of the calls received separately by dispatchers were from men who reported being shot, according to the 911 audio obtained via an Open Public Records Act request by New Jersey 101.5 and redacted by officials to eliminate personal information.

Among the series of calls received around 1:30 a.m. September 13, a neighbor who lives on Delafield Street tells one dispatcher that a “shootout” happened several houses down, describing “a large fight outside and then gunshots.” When asked if he saw any suspects, the male caller says he did not.

Another female caller says she did see one of the shooters and describes a man wearing all black, before breaking into sobs while saying “we have so many people down — people, there’s so many people.”

“I got shot, I got shot” one man says in a separate call and gives the dispatcher the address at 32 Delafield Street, saying he doesn’t know the shooter, while repeatedly saying “please come right now.”
The man says he can’t breathe and got shot “in the ribs.”

“I have one on the ground right here, two - three,” another man says in a separate call to 911, while reporting the number of people shot in the incident.

“The cops are here but the ambulance is not and somebody’s dying,” another man says in a separate call.

In yet another call, a female tells the dispatcher that “there are multiple ambulances but I feel like there should be more,” while a man also can be heard on the line saying “my brother is on the floor dead.” While the call audio is slightly obscured, he asks for more ambulances to be sent.

Those killed in the incident were 28-year-old Lionel Macauley, a self-billed actor, film producer and spoken word artist, and New Brunswick resident Anthony Robinson, who had been celebrating his 23rd birthday in the hours before the violence broke out, according to a GoFundMe campaign setup to benefit his family.

One man, when asked how many people were firing shots, says to a dispatcher “lots.”

Another female neighbor who calls in the shooting says “there’s too many people outside” to fully describe the scene.

“It’s a lot of gunshots” a separate female caller says, when asked by a dispatcher how many shots she heard fired.

Another female bystander who calls to report the shooting says to a dispatcher, “Can I ask you a question? My brother used to go to college here, we 'frat partied' here — why does this happen?”

On September 13, police said the shooting did not appear to have any affiliation with Rutgers University or its students.

New Brunswick Police responded to the area of 32 Delafield Street before 1:20 a.m. and found eight people suffering from gunshot wounds, Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone and New Brunswick Police Director Anthony Caputo previously said in a joint written release.

A ninth person, who had been shot and suffered minor injuries, came forward shortly after the incident Ciccone said.

The September 13 shooting happened less than half a mile from the school's College Avenue Student Center, and two blocks from a stretch of Easton Avenue that is popular with students for its takeout food options.

A week later, a man was robbed at gunpoint at about 1:20 a.m. September 20, a few blocks northwest near the corner of Wyckoff and Richardson streets. In that incident, Rutgers University Police said three males showed a single handgun and took the man's valuables before running off in the direction of College Avenue.

Very early Saturday, just a block or so from the Delafield Street shooting, an armed home invasion was reported at a residence on Guilden Street between Prosper and Bristol Streets, in which individuals entered through "an unsecured door."

According to the Rutgers University Police Department, that incident was reported at about 3:46 a.m, as people "affiliated with Rutgers University" were robbed by people carrying guns.

The video below includes audio segments of six different calls made to 911 in the moments following the September 13 shooting incident in New Brunswick.

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