The Somers Point Police Department is asking for your help with identifying the pictured person in reference to an on-going investigation.

As the pictures show, the suspect here likely won't be writing any books about hiding from police anytime soon.

For starters, I'm always amazed when people who are up to no good manage to look directly into a security camera.

Not to assume that this particular person did something wrong, but police typically don't search for people to give them fashion tips.

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Perhaps two of those fashion tips would be not to wear bright blue pants and a sweatshirt with a unique design on the sleeve. That sorta-kinda gives police some things to work with.

Suspect wanted in Somers Point NJ - Photo: Somers Point Police Department
Suspect wanted in Somers Point NJ - Photo: Somers Point Police Department

And, finally, what's with the backpack?

Or, is that technically a "frontpack" if you wear it backwards?

Luckilly, our friend here covered his face. Or at least his mouth.

I hear police say all the time, "we could have solved that crime if only we knew what his mouth looked like."

All kidding aside, anyone that can provide assistance is asked to contact Det. Colin McGuigan at (609) 927-6161 or via email at

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