Things you don't say: anything about "bombs" or "blowing up a plane" - especially when you're at an airport.

A Salem County man had to be pulled off a Philadelphia-bound airplane following an incident in Florida. reports John. R. Magee of Carneys Point was already onboard a plane at Palm Beach International Airport when he allegedly made a bomb threat.

Magee, 66, was pulled off the plane last Tuesday evening.

A witness told the plane's staff and authorities that Magee had mentioned that he had a bomb in his carry-on bag.

Get our free mobile app says Palm Beach County Sheriff deputies boarded the plane and questioned Magee, who is reported to have said, "I didn't say any dumb s--t like blowing up a plane."

Another passenger also came forward and said she heard Magee mention a bomb in his bag, as he was on the jetway bridge, waiting to board the plane. says the FBI and sheriff's deputies evacuated the plane, then did a search. They did not find anything related to a bomb. The activity caused delays throughout the airport.

Magee has been charged with making a false threat concerning a bomb. After posting a bond, he was released pending a court appearance.

In an interview with West Palm Beach TV station WPTV, Magee denied the charge against him.

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