All signs point to fall here in South Jersey. There's a definite chill in the air, the sun is setting sooner, and football is king on the weekend. Now it seems like the only thing missing is the changing of the leaves and that's about to happen soon!

According to NJ Hikers, the peak time for fall foliage in the Garden State begins on October 19th through the 29th.The Farmer's Almanac dates for the most vibrant colors though is happening now through the 19th for the inland part of the state, and October 19th through November 4th for the coast.

My least favorite part of the fall season is picking up the darn leaves after they fall. I always wait until the last minute to rake them. I know I'm in trouble when my wife starts to rake without me. She'll usually wait until a football game starts. I know I better get my butt out there and help her or else!

Sources: NJ Hiking,

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