If you haven't heard of the State Police Mobile Safe Freight Unit, they're credited with making three significant busts in August involving tractor trailers trying to smuggle drugs.


The specially trained state troopers conduct routine and random inspections at commercial vehicle weigh stations and uncovered millions of dollars worth of drugs last month, according to State Police spokesman Sgt. Jeff Flynn.

"Two heroin seizures and a seizure of marijuana, with close to or more than $8 million in total drugs seized in the past few weeks, so those guys are knocking it out of the park," said Flynn.

The stop on Aug. 24 on Route 78 in Greenwich, Warren County, netted nearly $5.5 million worth of drugs alone, according to Flynn. The driver, 39-year-old Henry Cruz-Ventura of Los Angeles was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession with intent to distribute.

"The last seizure was one of the largest that we've had in recent memory," Flynn said. The big rig in that bust was carrying 64 kilograms of heroin and 10 kilograms of cocaine.

Flynn says the Truck Troops look for things that may indicate criminal activity.

"There are inconsistencies in the cargo, and then as the investigation unfolds, they discover these drugs," said Flynn.

Flynn noted that with big money involved, people are willing to risk smuggling drugs using tractor trailers.

"Our guys are highly trained and when they do these inspections, they're looking for these things and we have some really sharp troopers that are assigned to that unit who are doing a really great job." Flynn said.

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