You may have noticed more stink bugs lately around your house and yard lately. This is stink bug season in the Northeast and New Jersey is no exception.

Stink bugs first made their appearance in our area in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 1998. It doesn't seem that long ago that these invaders from Asia became a nuisance here.

The official name is the brown marmorated stink bug. 


Best ways to kill stink bugs

They got their name from the putrid odor they emit if you squash them. Disposing of them is a little more of a delicate process than smashing them like we're told to do with the spotted lantern fly.

The best method is to grab one with a paper towel firmly and dispose immediately of it into an outdoor trash receptacle. The other way is to lure them into a jar and then seal it up and throw it away again in an outdoor trash can.

There is a spray that can effectively kill them called Pyrid. The stuff is nasty, and you should wear gloves when using it.

Why are we seeing more stink bugs?

They are prevalent here on the East Coast from New York to North Carolina and on the West Coast and now making an appearance in states around the Upper Midwest. They most likely hitch a ride on cargo ships coming from Asia to both of our coasts and heading through the Great Lakes.

In the last year, they seem to be found in greater numbers than in past years. Of course, the "experts" are pointing to climate change as the reason why we're seeing more of them lately.

They tend to thrive in warmer weather and any reason to attribute a negative trend to climate change is a good reason for the media and "experts" to push their agenda.

Whatever the reason, there are more of them this year so get out your paper towels and jars and get ready.

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