On April 4, 2022, we provided you with the first look at the progress made during Phase II of the Stockton University Atlantic City Campus expansion project.

If you missed it, here’s a link to our coverage, which includes a nice photo gallery of exactly where the project stands at this time.

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AC Devco is the Developer, President Chris Paladino and the General Contractor is Joe Jingoli. They’re making great progress in a challenging environment.

Today, we can give you an exclusive look at the wonderful park views that will be available from the student apartments.

ACDevco photo.
ACDevco photo.

Make no mistake about it, these are not dormitories. They are more aptly described as Atlantic City beachfront and near beachfront Condominiums.

Stockton University Atlantic City Phase I has delivered some of the finest beach block views in Atlantic City.

In phase II, they are continuing to take full advantage of their prime real estate position.

In real estate, there is an old expression: Location, Location, Location.

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The Stockton University Atlantic City Campus is providing students with a geographic location that is unparalleled.

To date, Stockton University has invested more than $270 million in Atlantic City. The commitment is massive and this financial investment in Atlantic City has been confirmed in our previous coverage by Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stockton University.

Stockton University Atlantic City Campus, Phase II is on pace to open during the Summer, of 2023.

We’ll continue to provide updates as construction continues to progress.

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