I am following-up on an article written by my Townsquare Media colleague, Dan Alexander.

Here is a link to Dan’s article and then I will share the results of my conversation with Stockton University President Dr. Harvey Kesselman from earlier today.

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Before the issue of Stockton University and any talk of a proposed name change starts to gain momentum … I’m in a unique position to add important context to this public discussion.

I have directly spoken with Stockton University President, Dr. Harvey Kesselman earlier today, Wednesday, April 5, 2023.

Kesselman was unequivocal and stated on the record that “I am 100 percent behind keeping our name as Stockton University,” said Kesselman.

Kesselman also confirmed that the Stockton University Board of Trustees also does not support a name change.

”We have worked for more than 50 years to build this brand. The name Stockton University has achieved national name recognition and acclaim,” said Kesselman.

Kesselman will be spending the entire 7:00 a.m. hour on-air with us this Good Friday, April 7, 2023 to address this matter.

Kesselman advised that he is “Incredibly concerned about the information that was published earlier today regarding its accuracy.”

Here is the genesis of how all of this began.

The discussion about exploring a possible name change of Stockton University is an independent action by the Stockton Faculty Senate and not the Stockton University Board of Trustees.

This fact is a very important distinction.

As for a proposed name change that would highlight the location of the University, rather than it bearing the name of one of America’s “Founding Fathers” … the original name of the college was going to be South Jersey State College.

The original Board approved this name, however, the state of New Jersey did not.

The state of New Jersey override was followed by the school’s original name Stockton State College being approved.

Over the years, there have been other iterations, such as The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

Then, Stockton achieved University status and became Stockton University as we know it today.

The important takeaway is that under no circumstances do Kesselman and the Stockton University Board of Trustees support a name change for Stockton University.

Simply too much good work has been done to even consider a brand name change.

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