We have all heard wives tales, home remedies, and safety advice for the summer that everyone just seems to believe. Let's separate fact from fiction.

For example do you know for certain if peeing on a jellyfish sting actually eases the pain? Or if soaking a washcloth in skim milk helps soothe sunburn pain? What about the most famous of them all - if it is safe to be inside of your car during a lightning storm?

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    Does peeing on a jellyfish sting actually ease the pain?

    NO! Peeing on a jellyfish sting does not ease the pain. The good news is that jellyfish stings are rarely life-threatening. The bad news is that, when a jellyfish stings you, they release thousands of extremely small barbs that hook into your skin and release venom.

    If you get stung, rinse the sting with sea water, or if you have it available, apply vinegar to the sting. Vinegar  mixed with  has been shown to prevent further venom release.  Fresh water can actually react with the stingers.

    After you've removed the tentacles and relieved most of the lingering pain, clean the affected area with warm water (no need to use sea water after stingers are out). If the skin is still visibly irritated or raw, lightly cover the area with a bandage and wrap with gauze.

    Some things that you want to avoid putting on your sting are meat tenderizer, shaving cream, lemon juice, alcohol, and cola.


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    Skim milk helps soothe sunburn pain

    Skim milk DOES help soothe sunburn pain! The milk creates a film that will ease the pain caused by the sunburn and the coolness dials down the hot feeling.

    Be sure to stay in the shade, use sunscreen, or cover up the next time you go outside.

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    Your car is a safe place to be during a lightening storm

    Your car is indeed a safe place to be during a lightening storm, not because of the rubber tires, but because of the vehicles' metal outside that the current flows through to ground. So, during a lightning strike you should also refrain from touching any metal parts of your car. Unfortunately, the lightening's current can also go throw the vehicle's electrical systems. So, you should unplug your cell phone and any other electrical devices and refrain from using them until the current has flowed to ground.

    If you are driving a convertible look for an overpass or shelter due to the absence of a metal roof for the current to ground.

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