Friday morning, Atlantic City police officers attempted to stop a suspicious male leaving a convenience store. The male, who had an active warrant and cocaine, immediately fled from the officers causing the lockdown of the New York Avenue School.

Just after 11AM, officers saw 19-year-old Lamir King of Pleasantville exit a convenience store in the 400 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard with a mask covering his face. The officers, finding it suspicious that King had his face covered, attempted to stop King who immediately ran from police.

Townsquare Media / Chris Coleman

Officers chased King for several blocks and lost sight of him in the area of Stanley Holmes Village. As a precaution, the New York Avenue School was put on lockdown.

Officers located King inside a closet at a residence in the 1500 block of Wabash Place. King had an active warrant with the Juvenile Justice Commission. He was also in possession of cocaine.

Officers checked with the convenience store clerk and there was not a robbery. The New York Avenue School students and staff were not in danger and the lockdown was lifted after King was arrested.


SOURCE: Atlantic City Police Department press release

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