A 19-year-old serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints died early Saturday morning at their Morristown Mission but questions remain about his death.

Jared Chappell, 19, of Sugar City, Idaho, died early Saturday "from an undisclosed medical condition" while serving the New Jersey Morristown Mission, according to a statement from church spokesman Sam Penrod.

Chappell was “unresponsive" and attempts to revive him were unsuccessful, according to Penrod.

Penrod did not say in the statement where the mission is located. He did not respond to an inquiry.

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Morris County Prosecutor's Office spokeswoman Meghan Knab told New Jersey 101.5 her office is not investigating the death.

Church missionaries in the U.S.

Chappell had been in New Jersey since July 2023, according to Penrod.

Missionaries are assigned a location by church headquarters and serve without pay to speak with residents about the church.

The term "elder" is used for male missionaries of the church. Women are referred to as "sister." Members of the church under the age of 25 serve the church for two years. Women serve for 18 months.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, seven missionaries are known to have died during their assignments in 2023.

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