TRENTON — The New Jersey Lottery pulled a new scratch game from retailers three days after its official launch.

High Card Poker instant win ticket (NJ LOttery)

The game High Stakes Poker went on sale Aug. 7 and pulled from stores on Aug. 10 "due to the potential for players to misunderstand the game’s win scenarios as stated on the back of tickets," according to a statement posted on the Lottery website.

Gannett New Jersey was the first to report about the game being discontinued.

All winning tickets will be honored for the game that costs $5 to play and offered a jackpot of $150,000. The lottery on its website said  three jackpots would be available during the course of the game.

About 4.32 million tickets were planned to initially be offered with the ability to distribute more.

A clerk at the Wine Mart in Ewing said representatives from the Lottery removed the game from his store on Aug. 10.

The Lottery did not return messages seeking comment.

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