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What Is The Best Restaurant Dessert in south Jersey?
Chelsea Corrine

The dessert course is such a fun part of the overall meal. Even when you have seemingly had your fill during the appetizer and main courses you usually can find “room” for at least a taste of the many fabulous desserts that South Jersey restaurants serve.

A great dessert is the jewel of the crown and the perfect culmination of an overall great meal.

Capriccio Italian Restaurant (William) - crème brûlée - Harry Hurley photo .
Capriccio Italian Restaurant (William) - crème brûlée - Harry Hurley photo .

This is William, from Capriccio Italian Restaurant at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City.

Capriccio Italian Restaurant is the #1 rated casino restaurant in America by USA Today 10 Best Readers Choice. Capriccio has won the top spot in America for the past 2 years and 3 out of the past 4 years.

This is a great example, illustrating just how accomplished the food and beverage caliber is in Atlantic City.

The high-level table-side service during the final preparation of a crème brûlée dessert is an amazing experience.

Wonderful food and drinks, followed by a fabulous dessert, and then right onto a top-flight entertainment special event, makes for an amazing evening.

Treat yourself and those you love to this kind of wonderful experience. You’ll create new memories together.

The Best Desserts from South Jersey Restaurants

Where do South Jersey residents like to get dessert? These are the top restaurant desserts.

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