My fellow Americans, we have a very serious problem on our hands.

No matter how the 2020 election for President of The United States ultimately ends, half of the country will not accept the result.

This is a terrible reality for our great Republic.

For most of the 50 states, Election Day went smooth, seemingly transparent and without incident.

However, disturbingly, the key battleground states of Pennsylvania (a Commonwealth), Georgia and Nevada all mysteriously stopped the counting process, giving the appearance that it was done for strategic, political purposes.

Many feel (myself included) that it was purposeful, to slow walk President Donald Trump’s momentum and march to re-election.

In Wisconsin, the difference between President Trump and Joe Biden is a razor thin margin of just a .6 percent difference.

According to Wisconsin election law, any race below 1 percent difference, triggers the right to a formal recount.

When the vote is certified, President Trump will be requesting a formal recount. It’s already been confirmed that this challenge will occur.

There is also an allegation in Wisconsin that more votes were cast then there are registered voters.

You can surely expect additional contest phases to be filed as Michigan, Nevada and other states that are also very close.

President Trump leads in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by 500,000 votes, with approximately one million votes left to count.

Philadelphia votes remain to be added to the total. This could lead to yet another formal contest phase.

Shamefully, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania said in advance of a single vote being tabulated that when all the votes are counted, Trump can’t win. That’s disgusting.

Additionally, the Trump campaign is very suspicious about the state of Arizona for a myriad of reasons, including that a high degree of Trump ballots were allegedly thrown out because they were filled out with black sharpie marker vs. black or blue ball point pen ink.

Trump presently trails by only 10,000 votes in Arizona and he continues to close the gap.

News organizations raced to call the state of Arizona early last night, earning the ire of the Trump campaign.

Arizona United States Senator Martha McSally has refused to concede to challenger Mark Ford.

Just in. ABC News has just taken Arizona from Biden’s column. This is huge, as it represents 11 electoral votes and it liens up all new pathways for President Trump.

Also, Nevada is a near tie at this hour.

There also appears to be a significant tabular reporting error in Arizona whereby 86 percent of the vote and not 98 percent of the vote has been counted.

The Trump campaign also believes that it has a good chance to carry Nevada. However, for inexplicable reasons, Nevada announced that they will not announce anymore vote totals until tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:00 a.m.

I’m afraid that Decision 2020 is going to make the year 2000 Bush vs. Gore Florida contest challenge look like a walk in the park.

President Trump national campaign manager Bill Stepien just concluded a detailed phone call briefing.

He stands behind their map and path to 270 Electoral votes.

Here are Stephen’s exact words regarding the “Trump campaign path to victory.”

“We are confident in our path way, we are confident in our math. We have said all along, we are reviewing some of these races as math equations. We need to get to a certain number. When we look at the states currently left on the board, we project confidence because of the math that we believe is in front of us,” said a Stepien.

Stepien emphasized Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada and other variables.

For anyone who thought that this is going to end quickly; guess again.

As the race stands now, Biden currently has 238 electoral votes to Trump’s 213.

Trump has current leads in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina.

Biden has narrow leads in Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin.

This race remains extremely close at this hour and we are no doubt in for a protracted legal battle.

It can’t be avoided at this point.

Just as I was about to publish this article, President Trump’s campaign has just filed litigation against the state of Michigan, for not allowing access for them to observe the vote counting, as is required by Michigan law.

NOTES: Trump’s strong Election Day performance has saved a United States Senate majority for the Republican Party.

And, Republicans have currently picked-up 4 seats in the United States House of Representatives.

Michael Bloomberg was a big loser. He spent $ 100 million on behalf of Biden in Florida, which Trump comfortably won by 4 points.

Finally, the big loser in this election are the national media and polling firms, who were spectacularly wrong.

For instance, the ABC/Washington Post Wisconsin poll gave Biden a 17 point lead. The margin is now .6 of 1 percent. Two other major polls gave Biden an 11 point and 10 point lead.

Their entire industry must be formally investigated for blatant dishonesty. If this isn’t done, the exact same conduct will take place in four years.

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