It's a fact of life -- you live in New Jersey, you get taxed on practically everything. And that certainly includes the state's high property taxes.

But have you ever wondered what or where the one house is that pays the highest amount of property taxes in the entire state?

Thanks to an analysis from, we can answer that question.

Allow me to introduce you to 262 East Main Street in Moorestown, Burlington County.

First things first -- this isn't exactly a typical two bedroom house that you drive by everyday.

This home has a name -- Villa Collina -- and it was featured in a New York Times article a few years ago. That article described this hou- er, Villa Collina, this way:

Rising in a vast clearing in the heart of South Valley Woods is a home on 44.2 acres of land -- a house so large it surpasses Moorestown's Town Hall, public library and the police headquarters combined.

It's a big house. It has 131 windows and 94 doors. And just assume it includes everything you could possibly imagine and much more.

It's assessed at just shy of $18,000,000 -- which puts its property tax bill at a staggering $444,547/year, or roughly $37,000/month.

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