Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles, is on top of a new list but Eagles fans may not be celebrating its newest title.

A new report from just came out listing how much it costs to go to an NFL game with your family of four.

It's not cheap.

And it's not just the tickets that are expensive, it's everything from the parking to the hot dogs to the soda to the beer.

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After you hear these prices, you may rethink going to a game and enjoy it more from the comfort of your own living room.


Let's break it down:

For tickets, the NFL average is $438.88 for a family of four. The Eagles' home turf isn't the most expensive stadium for tickets, but, it's up there, costing about $620.00. Yikes. That's an expensive day out and that's before any other costs.

You can check out the where all of the other teams landed by clicking here.

Let's get to lot parking. The NFL average is $45.23. This is the only category where Lincoln Financial Field is below average and it's not by much. To park at The Linc, it's $40. Woof, that's expensive.

Onto the good stuff -- beer, soda, and hot dogs. You may need a part-time job after a trip to The Linc.

For beer for two people, the NFL average is $19.11. When you're cheering on your Eagles, you're going to spend a whopping $29.33, more than any other stadium in the NFL.

Who doesn't love a hot dog at a game? The NFL average for 4 hot dogs is $22.88. Lincoln Financial Field is once again above average at $24.

Ok, what about two sodas? The NFL average is $10.61. Although only slightly, The Linc is above average with the price tag being $11.00

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