Atlantic County, New Jersey Executive Dennis Levinson may have achieved something that’s never been done before.

Levinson has confirmed that for the 24th consecutive year, Atlantic County government has received “an error-free independent audit of its financial operations and procedures.”

Levinson will be our on-air guest on Tuesday, October 17, 2023 for the 9:00 a.m. hour to discuss these results and other Decision 2023 election issues.

Levinson is a candidate seeking reelection on Tuesday, November 7, 2023 in the general election.

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson - Photo:
Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson - Photo:

"Few, if any, local governments in New Jersey, or perhaps the entire country, can match our record of performance," stated Levinson, who oversees an annual budget in excess of $256 million. "We are extremely proud of our success and our ability to consistently provide outstanding management and financial integrity,” said Levinson.

The audit process takes months to complete and Atlantic County government has no weaknesses or deficiencies.

For those who think that the game is rigged and that Atlantic County government hand picks auditing firms to achieve their desired result of a perfect audit… Guess again.

Each auditor is selected through a competitive bidding process, and to keep the game fair, Atlantic County government selects, a new auditing firm every three years.

"We're confident in our financial policies and procedures, but if something is not right, we want to know … our obligation is to our taxpayers,” said Levinson.

"Regardless of which auditor is performing the audit, the results have remained consistent due to our conservative fiscal management. Atlantic County is financially sound and continues to meet high expectations," said Levinson.

Additional areas that Atlantic County government continues to shine is in their debt to equity ratio, along with top tier credit ratings.

This top tier credit rating allowed Atlantic County government to make it possible for Stockton University to construct their Atlantic City campus multiple phases.

The state of New Jersey and Stockton University did not have a high enough credit rating to facilitate their Atlantic City campus.

"While perfects audits are nothing new to Atlantic County, the fact that we've sustained them over a 24-year period with multiple independent auditors is certainly worth recognizing,” concluded Levinson.

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