The music we listen to often has a lot of meaning in our lives.

Some songs can lift our spirits, some can calm us during a stressful day, and others can instantly bring back old memories. One surprising benefit of music is that it can also be therapeutic.

In New Jersey, assisted living centers and hospitals with intensive care facilities use music therapists to help ease nerves and calm minds through the healing power of music. Music therapy is using the ability to connect with people through playing music through licensed professionals in critical care.

Whether you are singing, playing, or listening, the goal of music therapy is to improve the mental, emotional, and social needs of individual patients while they are undergoing physical or mental stress. 

Music therapy also helps people cope with the mental decline associated with being isolated from others for a long period of time due to intense treatment. Those who help patients are qualified therapists who have a degree in music therapy.

While in-person music therapy sessions may be limited due to the current state of the coronavirus pandemic, there are a variety of virtual music therapy programs you can access online today. 

To find a music therapist check out The American Music Therapy AssociationMusique, Tempo.

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