In the current, totally messed up world that we’re presently living in - here’s a recommendation for a small, pleasant diversion - to take you away from unprovoked war, runaway inflation, record-high gasoline prices, COVID-19 pandemic, and the current overall dour mood in America.

Consider spending $5.99 to rent, or, $19.99 to own and watch the movie “American Underdog.”

I paid to own it, because I just knew that it would be the kind of movie that you will want to watch, again in the future.

It’s a fantastic, feel-good movie. It chronicles what is perhaps the most unlikely story in NFL history.

It’s the story of the undrafted quarterback Kurt Warner, who became a rookie quarterback for the St. Louis Rams at age 28 in 1999.

From 5-year, small college football player to grocery store shelf stock boy to Arena League Football quarterback to NFL starting quarterback League MVP and Super Bowl Champion and MVP.

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Legendary Hall of Fame Head Coach Dick Vermeil saw something in Warner.

When starting quarterback Trent Green went down in the first game of the 1999 season, Warner came in and the rest is history.

Warner set records in 1999 and led what became known as “The Greatest Show on Turf.”

Warner led The Rams to the Super Bowl championship, a magical season, where Warner won the regular season and Super Bowl MVP awards.

Warner went in to deliver the jewel in the crown of Vermeil’s storied career, winning Vermeil’s first and only Super Bowl.

It’s a storybook tale, turned reality.

This movie and the real-life story of Kurt Warner once again proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

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