The votes were there to elect a new Atlantic City, New Jersey Council President on January 1, 2024.

With Atlantic City Council Members George Tibbitt, Jesse Kurtz, LaToya Dunston and Bruce Weekes, Jr. leading the way … Kaleem Shabazz could have become the new President of the Atlantic City Council … simply by accepting the nomination and voting for himself in the end.

It would have given Shabazz a 5-4 win and the City Council Presidency.

However, in attendance was Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small who has made it clear (behind the scenes) that he wants Aaron “Sporty” Randolph to be the City Council President.

Randolph has demonstrated that he is a loyal Small, functionary order-taker, loyalist.

Randolph does as Small tells him to do.

Shabazz declined the nomination and regardless, he would not have voted for himself.

Randolph was re-elected City Council President for 2024.

The Council President controls what can appear on the agenda.

For instance, Tibbitt, Kurtz, Dunston and Weekes have wanted to hold public hearings to support the underserved residents of the Stanley Holmes Village Apartments.

They had a majority 5 votes to hold the public hearings … yet, (doing Small’s bidding), Randolph would not allow the public hearings to take place.

Stanley Holmes Village residents have been living without heat, hot water and cooking capabilities.

The federal government spent time in Atlantic City to review the many deficiencies within the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

Their incompetence has been a public disgrace.

With Muhammad 'Anjum' Zia and George Crouch winning narrow elections this past November 7, 2023, Small will maintain a fragile 5-4 majority of support with the Atlantic City Council.

Shabazz will remain as Atlantic City Council Vice President, likely becoming the first person in the history of the Atlantic City Mayor - Council form of government to have the votes and turn down the opportunity to be City Council President.

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