NEWARK — They walked out on jobs, didn't bother showing up at all, or left behind shoddy work, officials say. Now they're paying the price.

More than 100 contractors throughout the state last year were fined for ripping off homeowners, including victims of Hurricane Sandy, state Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino and the Department of Community Affairs announced Wednesday.

The 136 notices will mean penalties totaling $483,360 and restitution of $1.42 million. In addition to the citations, the state's Division of Consumer Affairs is suing contractors in Ocean and Atlantic counties over work related to Superstorm Sandy repairs.

"It is unacceptable that certain unscrupulous contractors are violating state law and not doing the work that they promised consumers, especially those still recovering from Superstorm Sandy," Porrino said. "Whether through the Superior Court or through Notices of Violations, contractors who break the law will continue to be held accountable."

Contractors in 19 of the state's 21 counties were cited with 17 coming from Camden County, which was the highest in the state. Atlantic, Burlington, Essex, Morris, and Union counties also had at least 10 citations issued. Only Mercer and Warren counties did not have reported violations, with 11 more sent to out-of-state contractors.

See the list below.

The violations ranged from $1,000 to $7,000, with restitution amounts of as low as $250 to as high as $134,093.

Nearly half of the violations were for working as an unregistered practice, with 48 resolving their citations through a consent order, 28 defaulting, and four having paid the penalties they were assessed. There are still 55 of the cases pending.

The complaints filed in the Superior Court in Ocean and Atlantic Counties "allege the contractors engaged in various unconscionable consumer practices that included taking money from consumers to repair, rebuild, and/or elevate storm-damaged homes and then failing to begin work, performing the work in a substandard manner, and/or abandoning unfinished projects without returning for weeks, months, or at all," officials said Wednesday in a prepared statement.

Some of the cases stem from instances where contractors were paid through funds from relief grants received from the RREM program, which was described as "the states' largest rebuilding initiative," and is managed by the Department of Community Affairs. In other cases the alleged victims lost money from the Landlord Rental Repair Program, which was also geared toward repair work after the storm for rental properties.

Steve Lee, the director of the Division of Consumer Affairs said, "We urge consumers who feel they have been the victims of fraud or other violations of law by contractors to report these actions to the Division immediately."

The Division of Consumer Affairs can be contacted by calling 1-800-242-5846 or through their website.

Fines and restitution levied against contractors

Company Name County Total
John Hand Home Restoration LLC Atlantic $34,723
Island Roofing Atlantic $3,800
Davis Brothers Masonry & Chimney Sweep LLC Atlantic $5,725
PDM Construction Atlantic $2,493
Blevin Construction LLC Atlantic $1,750
Michael J. Bell t/a Eastern Exteriors Atlantic $3,445
Jason Burk t/a J Burk Construction Atlantic $8,750
James Justo t/a Justo’s Drain Cleaning & Repair Services Atlantic $25,550
Trimor Construction Atlantic $13,220
Madera & Sons LLC Atlantic $13,750
Total Mechanical Solutions Limited Liability Company Bergen $7,034
Epicus Construction, LLC Bergen $7,250
Dun-Well Inc. Bergen $38,445
Just Paint It Bergen $12,750
Salera Contracting LLC Burlington $4,000
B&L Home Remodeling Burlington $4,584
Euro Remodeling, and Euro Roofing & Siding Burlington $8,050
Easy Way Construction Limited Liability Company Burlington $12,709
Optimal Energy Inc. Burlington $41,785
Spirit Builders Limited Liability Company Burlington $8,250
CMB General Contractors, Inc. Burlington $3,250
Delaware Valley Designs Limited Liability Company Burlington $4,350
C.S. Wilson Roofing Burlington $4,890
LB Pools, Inc. aka SwimmingPools Now Burlington $43,144
Villano and Sons Concrete Limited Liability Company Burlington $8,950
A R C Roofing & Siding Camden $20,900
Detail Builders Camden $5,155
3 A's Construction LLC Camden $9,200
Pryor Home Improvements LLC Camden $6,525
F & N Residential & Construction Remodeling LLC Camden $9,250
Rose City Paving and Construction LLC Camden $12,050
Jon Steven Pliskin t/a Creative Home Solutions Camden $21,788
Alpha General Property Maintenance, Limited Liability Company Camden $3,200
CW of Del Valley LLC Camden $3,987
The Tree Pro's Camden $7,250
The Godfather of Concrete Camden $17,654
Walter Martinez t/a CEF Stucco Camden $23,100
Tany's General Contracting LLC Camden $4,750
House and Home Remodeling Group Camden $6,000
Baker Window Repair Camden $40,250
Bill Howard & Son LLC Camden $6,950
Glenn James Calderbank t/a Calderbank's Camden $5,250
Reynolds Masonry Contractors Limited Liability Company Cape May $4,350
Adler Aluminum & Glass Co Essex $5,256
Clear Vision Cleaning LLC / Evell D. Adams Essex $10,400
Carpet & Home Improvement LLC Essex $13,363
Dennis Mosley Roofing & Construction Essex $7,600
HGS Interiors Essex $40,627
Tommys Construction Essex $14,475
Start 2 Finish Home Repair LLC Essex $23,700
Cuhna Construction Essex $6,500
Malcolm Construction Essex $5,600
Final Touch LLC and Leandro F. Cunha Essex $9,450
CTG Construction Corporation Essex $4,350
Koji Ozawa t/a KYS Construction Essex $1,750
Moises Monroy t/a El Don Landscaping Essex $1,750
Siloe General Construction Essex $8,832
NJJ Construction Essex $13,350
Cocchi Remodeling LLC Gloucester $13,885
All Crete Const Gloucester $2,000
V.F.C. Construction & Development LLC Hudson $7,050
Capra Builders/Developers Corp Hudson $5,375
F.F. Construction Limited Liability Company Hudson $36,442
New Imagery Renovation L.L.C. Hudson $15,500
Andrew Garrett t/a Stonevale Landscape & Nursery Hunterdon $2,500
Rutgers Landscape Design Hunterdon $136,843
Precision Contracting & Landscaping, LLC Hunterdon $10,450
Orlando Aguirre Middlesex $21,550
Michael Purcell t/a Drivestone Construction Middlesex $3,600
Attila Lako t/a Artistic Painting Middlesex $5,400
Peter R. Minchella t/a Peter the Painter Monmouth $11,377
David Pagella Monmouth $19,400
Exquisite Landscape Contractors, Inc Monmouth $53,250
Richard Flecker t/a Affordably Perfect Kitchens Monmouth $6,256
Driveway Innovation Monmouth $4,025
World Of Stone Of Manalapan LLC Monmouth $39,005
Let John Do It General Contracting, Inc. Monmouth $10,450
PH Construction, LLC Monmouth $4,515
CCM Construction Limited Liability Company Morris $7,315
Dominick Stanko t/a Platinum Paving Morris $5,200
Finish Line Roofing & Landscaping Contracting Limited Liability Company Morris $9,050
Michael Keiser Painting & Wallpaper Morris $12,750
A & A Drywall & Construction Morris $30,320
Joel Misasi t/a J.M. Paving Morris $5,000
Champion-Paving Morris $15,000
BP Design LLC Morris $10,350
Tony Grenevich Mason Contractor Morris $6,750
Action Paving, L.L.C. Morris $5,950
Powerhouse Contractor Corp Morris $7,350
A and J Fireplaces, LLC Morris $7,000
Scott J Greene t/a Greene Excavating Contractors Morris $7,150
Spectrum Construction and Development Company, Inc. Morris $27,738
Panciello Construction Limited Liability Company Morris $6,750
L. Benaquist And Son, Construction Co., Inc. Morris $12,900
Nighthawk Contracting Limited Liability Company Ocean $6,250
Alpine Building LLP Ocean $46,087
Douglass I. Coltenback t/a Christ Contractor Ocean $6,500
Ace Home Services, Inc. Ocean $1,000
K Logan Construction & J DellaPietro Sr Builders Limited Liability Company Out of State $1,000
JC Home Care Center Inc Out of State $1,500
Global Loss Solutions Limited Liability Company Out of State $26,905
Edward Leprie d/b/a E. Leprie Out of State $8,750
Kokobo Greenscapes Out of State $12,200
Mariano & Martinez Inc. Out of State $2,500
Canco Renovators & Remodelers Out of State $2,500
Seasonal Emporium Out of State $2,500
Global Industries Out of State $13,558
Scheer Kitchen Renovations Inc Out of State $20,449
All Pool Service Company Out of State $11,200
Expertise Restoration, LLC Passaic $4,680
European Design LLC Passaic $5,010
Louis E. Scholl, III t/a Daytona Construction Salem $10,000
Robert D. Fisher, Jr. Salem $5,840
Rooftech Mechanical Contractors Limited Liability Company Salem $44,820
Mike Bianco & Sons Concrete Contractors Salem $36,650
Allen Ridgway t/a Ridgway Chimney Service Salem $38,750
Cisco Construction, L.L.C. Somerset $5,025
Otto Barrios t/a Otto’s Painting & Contractor Somerset $21,800
Russell A. Morris Jr. t/a General Jersey Paving & Masonry Somerset $5,000
Brien Deegan Contracting, Inc. Somerset $7,250
JT's Lawn & Landscaping, Inc. Somerset $18,750
Cedillo Carpet Incorporated Somerset $35,500
Laurence Purcell t/a Bentley Paving and Masonry Somerset $17,150
Westview Site Contracting, LLC Sussex $11,500
Jeffrey Edwards LLC Sussex $19,500
Allpro Contractor Limited Liability Company Union $30,534
Guerreiro's Trucking Inc Union $2,250
DM Fernandes Contracts Limited Liability Company Union $19,488
Anthony Mitlo t/a A. Mitlo Roofing Union $16,500
Mark of Excellence Remodeling, Inc. Union $7,450
Pedro Pertuz t/a Academy Garage Door Union $5,250
Paul J. Scappetto Remodeling Plumbing & Heating, LLC Union $18,150
Lawson's Mason Company Union $49,592
Karl Neita Union $5,250
Wallace Construction & Designs Union $5,500
Peter Smith t/a Garden City Roofing Union $12,500
Total $1,905,288


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