Pet owners beware! There are several foods you should absolutely not allow your furever friends have this Thanksgiving.

Here are a few safety tips to help keep our furry friends safe this season, according to the ASPCA.

1. No Turkey Bones

Turkey bones can cause pets to choke and if they swallow them, the bones can puncture the stomach or intestines, which could possibly kill them. If you want to give your pet a turkey treat, give them pieces of COOKED turkey. Breast meat is best for Fido— and make sure you cut out all the bones.

2. No Turkey Skin

Another no-no for our pets. The skin and fatty foods are tough for dogs to digest and it could inflame the pancreas.

3. Stuffing

Another food to stay away from especially if the stuffing contains garlic and onions which can be toxic to your pet.

4No Bread Dough

You could put your pet into a life-threatening emergency by doing so. The raw yeast could result in a drunken bloated pet which we send your best friend to the hospital.

5. No Thanksgiving Desserts

Make sure you keep all desserts away from your pet, including cake or cookie batter which could contain raw eggs. The combination could result in food poisoning for your best friend. This should be a no-brainer for experienced pet owners, but chocolate is an  treat to avoid giving to your pet at all times. It could be toxic to them.

Have a very happy (and safe) Thanksgiving, South Jersey!



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