Okay, Wildwood, you've got our attention. We're definitely keeping an eye on a new 60-room hotel that could be taking over a massive lot in the shore town.

This baby will need to be built from the ground up because there's currently NOTHING on the corner of E. Oak Ave. and Wildwood Ave. It's just a huge, vacant lot and has been for years.

Let me refresh your memory. As Wildwood Video Archive points out, this corner of Wildwood was once occupied by the legendary Motel Martinique, which dated back to the 1950s. But my the mid-2000s, the motel was gone.

But let's not dwell on what was. Let's talk about what COULD end up on the massive lot at 341 E. Oak Avenue.


Not a motel, but a HOTEL. A CONDOTEL, actually, called Ocean Villa. One that would boast 60 units to be designated as either hotel rooms and/or condos. AND, if the renderings published by wildwoodvideoarchive.com are to be believed, there'd also be a rooftop pool and garden. We can NEVER have enough of those at the Jersey Shore.

It also looks like the property would include an on-site parking facility which is always a nice perk.

The hotel's balconies and soothing light green and blue color palette would settle in nicely against the backdrop of the ocean and bay.

Now, reportedly the official proposal for Ocean Villa has yet to go in front of Wildwood Zoning and Planning Board, so it's not a done deal, but we're intrigued and will keep you posted on any progress we hear about.

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