Full-day kindergarten finally arrives this year in Egg Harbor Township schools, or as close as it can come in the days of Covid -19. Today is the open house for parents and guardians of children planning at attending EHT Kindergarten this year.

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This registration for those who have not yet registered for the fall will be held today, Wed. Aug. 5 from 4-7pm at Davenport Elementary | 2499 Spruce Avenue, Egg Harbor Township.

Masks are required.

Caregivers should bring:

- Proof of of the child's age (your child’s birth certificate. (Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by October 1)

- Immunization records

- Proof of residency. If you own the home, bring  your deed/mortgage or tax bill, or current utility bills, photo ID of the parent/guardian

Only the legal parent/guardian can register students. Please bring custody papers (If you are not the legal parent).

You still may register online if you prefer

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