The 2022 Major Discipline report for New Jersey police is out, releasing nearly 200 pages of officer faux pas, blunders, and outright crimes to the public.

A relatively new practice, the OAG last year released its first report detailing which police officers were fired, suspended, or demoted and the reasons they faced disciplinary actions. Police departments are required to post the details online and submit them to the OAG.

Following criticism from groups such as the ACLU that the report was not detailed enough, Attorney General Matthew Platkin in November issued a directive to expand reporting.

(Edwin J. Torres/NJ Governor’s Office/Townsquare Media Illustration)
(Edwin J. Torres/NJ Governor’s Office/Townsquare Media Illustration)

"By embracing greater transparency, the vast majority of New Jersey’s law enforcement officers who serve with honor, professionalism, and courage, are better able to carry out their duties more effectively and safely in service to the people of our state," Platkin said.

While the report is for 2022, cases may be from 2021 or earlier; law enforcement agencies only submit these details once the discipline is final.

Lateness, taking too many sick days, DUIs, and use of excessive force are reasons for discipline that appear frequently throughout the OAG report. But some stories in the report rise above the rest for their eye-popping details.

🚨 Top 27 absurd and outrageous reasons NJ cops faced 'Major Discipline' in 2022 🚨

👮‍♂️ Cop on a jet ski

Atlantic City Officer Kleovoulos Zissimopoulos — Suspended 180 days: While out of work for an on-duty injury, Zissimopoulos operated a jet ski and worked a second job, according to the report.

An Englewood police vehicle. (Englewood police via Facebook)
(Englewood police via Facebook)

👮‍♂️ Head into a laundry machine

Englewood Lt. Gregory Martin — Terminated: The report said Martin was found drunk and asleep in his parked and running vehicle while off-duty. While being processed, he bent over and ran head-first into a laundry machine and fell unconscious. He later lied to EMTs and told them that Teaneck police officers "smashed" his head into a wall. Video footage showed him running into the laundry machine.

👮‍♂️ Ignored 'red flags' of suicide

Little Ferry Sgt. Demetrius Dacres — Suspended 6 days: Dacres "failed to act" after a woman reported that her ex-husband was missing and suicidal, the report said. There were "multiple red flags" indicating the man could hurt himself. The next day, the man's brother went to police and a search with K9 units began. Another day later, the ex-husband was found dead along a river bank.

👮‍♂️ Sex and bribe

Ridgefield Officer Daniel Fugnitti — Terminated: Fugnitti responded to a hotel for a medical call involving a female patient, according to the report. He had sex with the woman then two weeks later went back to the hotel carrying a brown box. The box had $2,000 in cash to bribe the woman into keeping quiet.

Bruce Gomola (Burlington County Prosecutor's Office)
Bruce Gomola (Burlington County Prosecutor's Office)

👮‍♂️ Medical facility shooting

Burlington County Jail Officer Bruce Gomola — Terminated: Gomola was found guilty of aggravated manslaughter and aggravated assault for fatally shooting an employee and wounding a patient at the New Jersey Urology office in Mt. Laurel.

Kevin Bohn, Only Fans website
Kevin Bohn (Burlington County Prosecutor's Office), Only Fans website (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

👮‍♂️ OnlyFans creep

Cinnaminson Officer Kevin Bohn — Terminated: Using a restricted police database, Bohn ran searches on a woman he met through OnlyFans. He also looked up information about her relatives. Bohn then made up fake police incidents to justify the searches and closed the cases. He was sentenced to a year of probation but no jail time, the Courier Post reported.

Ayron Taylor is accused of being a serial email hacker while still a cop (Burlington County Prosecutor's Office, Google Maps)
Ayron Taylor (Burlington County Prosecutor's Office)

👮‍♂️ Got victims' nude pics

Mount Laurel Officer Ayron Taylor — Suspended 8 days, then resigned: Charged with using police computers to access nude images of victims, including college students and juveniles. He's accused of then sending the photos to other people. Taylor faces more than 90 criminal charges and the legal process is ongoing as of May 16, 2023.

👮‍♂️ Traumatized sex assault victim

Camden Det. Clayton Gonzalez — Terminated: Led a sexual assault investigation involving a juvenile victim. During an interview with the victim, Gonzalez "traumatized" them with his hostility and use of harsh and profane language, according to the report.

👮‍♂️ Shooting threats

Pine Hill Ptlm. Phillip Marino — Suspended 321 days, then resigned: The report said that during an argument, Marino opened a safe where his firearms were stored and threatened to kill a woman, her friend, the friend's child, and himself.

👮‍♂️ Cocaine cop

Essex County Sheriff's Office Investigator Felix Asuquo — Terminated: Tested positive for cocaine and THC use during a drug screening, according to the report.

Newark Lt. John Formisano convicted of murdering wife, Christie Solaro Formisano (Christie Solaro Formisano FacebookCBS NY via Youtube)
John Formisano convicted of murdering wife (Facebook)

👮‍♂️ Killed his wife

Newark Sgt. John Formisano — Terminated: During a domestic violence incident. Formisano used his police service weapon to shoot his estranged wife to death and injure her new boyfriend. He was convicted of murder and attempted murder.

👮‍♂️ Suicide Hotline test

Hoboken Sgt. Robert Roman — Suspended 25 days: Roman called the NJ Suicide Hotline and told them he was going to take his own life. According to the report, he later admitted to making the call and lying about his intentions so that he could test the quality of their services.

Hudson County jail (Google Maps)
Hudson County jail (Google Maps)

👮‍♂️ Not-so-sexy prank call

Hudson County Jail Officer Carlos Medina — Suspended 60 days: Another on-duty corrections officer at the jail got a creepy, obscene phone call with heavy breathing and other sexual sounds. The call came from within the facility and camera footage later showed Medina making the call. He later admitted it, according to the report.

👮‍♂️ Oops, where's my gun?

Jersey City Officer Daniel Soto — Suspended 15 days: Soto put his off-duty gun in a dresser. He then later put the dresser out for trash pickup without checking it to see if there was anything in it, the report said. A garbage truck later took the dresser and the firearm was reported as missing.

👮‍♂️ Karen cop

Jersey City Officer Clarissa Borgess — Suspended 130 days: While off-duty for being sick, Borgess was "rude and discourteous" toward a city doctor and his staff, the report said. She then posted a live video on social media of herself as she berated city doctors.

👮‍♂️ Road rage

Secaucus Officer Matthew Murphy — Terminated: While armed and off-duty, Murphy was involved in a road rage incident, according to the report. The Hudson County Prosecutor's Office filed charges for threatening the occupants of another vehicle.

Joshua Padilla (Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office)
Joshua Padilla (Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office)

👮‍♂️ Depraved sexual predator

Middlesex County Sheriffs Dept. Officer Joshua Padilla — Terminated: Had sex with a 17-year-old girl in Pennsylvania and recorded it, then published it online. Padilla was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was also charged with three sexual assaults of unconscious women and pleaded guilty to unlawful contact with a minor after sending pictures of his genitals to an undercover agent posing as a 14-year-old girl.

👮‍♂️ Horseplay?

South River Lt. John McKenna — Suspended 20 days: While supervising the department's detective bureau, he "failed to stop horseplay" between detectives. McKenna also allowed members of the unit to send inappropriate messages to each other.

Keansburg police headquarters
Keansburg police headquarters (Google Street View)

👮‍♂️ Attempted sexual assault

Keansburg Ptlm. Nicholas Thompson — Terminated: Thompson was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree attempted aggravated sexual assault. He admitted to trying to have sex with an unconscious woman at her residence while off-duty, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office.

👮‍♂️ Fart bags

Lavallette Officer Victoria Lamb — Suspended 30 days: On two separate occasions, "fart bags" were placed in the trash bin of the women's locker room at police headquarters, according to the report. The fart bags created a terrible smell that impacted the locker room and other parts of the building. The "noxious odor" caused "distress" and Lamb was suspended for the incident.

👮‍♂️ 'Gangsters in blue'

Paterson Sgt. Micahel Cheff — Terminated: Cheff was convicted at trial of deprivation of civil rights and falsification of a police report. He led other corrupt Paterson cops as they stole from a suspect amid other accusations of misconduct.

👮‍♂️ More road rage

Raritan Officer Damien Chromowsky — Suspended 120 days: Chromowsky was driving his personal vehicle when another vehicle passed him despite a double-yellow line. In response, the off-duty cop drew a gun and ordered the other driver out of the vehicle using "profane and abusive language," according to the report.

Prison Violence New Jersey
(AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

👮‍♂️ Giving money to inmates

Edna Mahan Senior Correctional Police Officer Aneesah Ali — Terminated: Ali was found to have sent money to inmates at the state's only all women's prison, the report said. She also failed to disclose the payments, as well as other phone and electronic communications, then lied to investigators.

👮‍♂️ Put that thing away!

State Police Det. Sgt. Jarrod Flowers — Suspended 70 days: The cop exposed himself repeatedly to multiple female civilian employees, according to the report. Flowers then gave false or misleading information to investigators looking into the harassment claims.

👮‍♂️ Sex offender leniency

State Parole Board Sr. PO Timothy Johnson — Terminated: Johnson allowed a sex offender, who was under parole supervision for life, to stay at a residence with minor children. The address was not approved and Johnson falsified reports to cover up the placement, according to the report.

👮‍♂️ 'Go f--k yourself'

Hopatcong Det. Nicholas Maresca — Suspended 10 days: While serving as a school resource officer, Maresca objected to weekly COVID-19 testing. When the policy changed to testing twice weekly, he told the supervisor, "Go f--- yourself, and shove the detectives stipend up your ass, advise the captain to put me back in patrol on Monday."

👮‍♂️ Stolen police equipment

Kean University Officer  Anthony Spagnola — Suspended 67 days: While driving a police vehicle on duty, he hit a pedestrian crossing sign and failed to report the damage. In an unrelated incident around 10 weeks later, Spagnola returned home from work and left his police equipment bag in his personal vehicle parked outside his house. The bag was stolen. It contained his off-duty weapon, ammo, badge, baton, traffic vest, ticket book, and other items. While investigators later recovered the bag, the firearm and ammo were never found.

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