The heights (literally) to which some people are showing their interest in the Presidential election continues to be one-upped by folks on both sides of the political aisle.

As I was driving to work this morning on the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township near the old Inn of the Dove, it was hard to not notice two Trump flags that were attached to street lights hanging over the road.

Now, perhaps I am the only person on the planet that still thinks you can talk politics without being political, so here's my attempt at doing just that.

How the hell did those flags get up there?

Trump flags over the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township Thursday morning - Photo: Chris Coleman

I can only assume one of two things happened: (1) someone climbed both of those telephone poles with a flag in-hand and managed to (while not falling down) attach the flags to the street lights -- or (2) someone had a bucket truck similar to those used by utility companies and hoisted the flags up that way.

Either way, no one noticed? No one noticed a person climbing telephone poles and hanging political signs over the road? You'd think that even in the middle of the night someone would have driven-by and seen this happening or anyone living at that intersection would have heard something.

Through a casual look on Facebook, I didn't see anyone claiming responsibility for doing this -- not that I expected to find anyone. However, before there are any copycats, just keep in mind that several thousand volts of electricity are running in those power lines at the top of a pole -- you might wanna think twice.

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