GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP, NJ - America’s First Son, Donald Trump, Jr., and Kimberly Guilfoyle brought their superstar power to Historic Smithville Inn in Galloway Township, New Jersey.

I had the privilege to serve as Master of Ceremonies for an amazing evening, with more than 300 people who attended a private indoor fundraiser, immediately followed by a larger outdoor gathering.

The Coppola Family’s establishment was a fitting location, having been established (1787) two years before George Washington became America’s first President.

Former Galloway Township Mayor Don Purdy and former New Jersey Assemblyman Vince Polistina hosted the mega event, held just 43 days before the General Election Day, November 3, 2020.

Delivering America’s First Son just 43 days before General Election Day is no small feat. Jim Schultz, the former President Donald Trump Special Assistant and Senior Associate Counsel and Purdy are life-long friends and classmates. “Jim Schultz made this event possible,” said Purdy.

During my remarks, I emphasized that in reality the election is not 43 Days away, as 10 states are already voting.

Trump gave two stemwinder speeches for both the private and general admission events.


It was a paid/ticketed event which raised more than $ 200,000 for the organization Citizens for Responsible Development.

Trump spoke for 20 minutes at the VIP reception, whereby he did a meet and greet and autographed copies of his new book “Liberal Privilege.”

Trump is a New York Times best-selling author. His first book was “Triggered.”

Trump detailed that he had no intentions of writing a second book, however, the quarantine due to COVID-19 and the fact that he believes that the national media was not properly doing it’s job to vet Joe Biden motivated him to do their work for them.

Trump also spoke for about 20 minutes at the outdoor/tented event.

There was about 60 Democrat Protesters according to the Galloway Township police department, which estimated the crowd size. They were well behaved and boisterous. They did not disrupt the two events.

This behavior was in stark contrast to the violent activities that are presently taking place in numerous major cities, which are not protests at all, rather they are criminal activities.

Guilfoyle spoke before Trump at both events and was very well received.

Trump emphasized that should Joe Biden win The Presidency, “He will raise taxes by more than $ 4 trillion and destroy America as we know it,” said Trump.

Trump and Guilfoyle skillfully used humor, while weaving in truth in both a powerful and highly entertaining manner.

Trump joked several times that his humor could get him into trouble with the attending media.

Trump also spoke at length about how The Biden’s have financially enriched themselves, specifically mentioning the alleged $1.5 billion that Hunter Biden received from the Chinese government.

Trump detailed that this is the equivalent of a of an annual annuity for Hunter Biden, saying that at 2% interest on $1.5 Billion, Biden receives $30 million a year, “every year,” said Trump.

Trump also talked about Joe Biden‘s brother making millions of dollars developing homes in the Middle East, despite having no background whatsoever.

Trump mused that if he took $1.5 dollars in this manner, he would be in jail.

Both Trump and Guilfoyle outlined the consequences of this election and said that the stakes could not be higher.

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